I am Matt Jensen, A front-end web developer.

Below are examples of some of my work.

UI Examples

Forward and Back Buttons

JavaScript Gallery

I wanted to create a minimalistic slider gallery with JavaScript control just to learn how this style of UI works. This was a part of my independent self-study module of my specialization in my program.

The purpose of this experiment wasn't necessarily to make something interesting and unique but more of a study of how I could build something like this myself. As a designer and developer, I feel like I need to be able to understand as much as possible about both my chosen disciplines.

Responsive Toggleable CSS Navigation

Pure CSS Mobile Nav

I wanted to make an interesting off-screen navigation that would be ideal for mobile use. What I came up with was this example and I am quite pleased with how it turned out. The way I ended up having to code it, makes it really only usable on static HTML pages, and it has a tendency to not work correctly with things like a WordPress page. That is something I do intend to figure out in the future however.

Pure CSS Tooltips Experiment

Advanced Hover Effects

For this experiment I wanted to see if it was possible to have the information there in the HTML but then style it as an on-hover tooltip.

If I were to revisit this and attempt to make it better, the tootip content would live in a database somewhere and get pulled up dynamically based on something like an attribute on the element, that way it wouldn't have the content pre-loaded necessarily and possibly optimize page load.

Graphic Design

Logos that I designed for A1 Cement Contractractors

A1 Cement Contractors

Logo Redesign

I designed these logos as part of my final semester practicum. The client didn't specifically want a new logo but since theirs was dated and would look out of place on a modern website, my mentor said to go ahead and at least give him the option. Considering I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it, I was extremely pleased with how it turned out.

Logos that I designed for Foothills Major Baseball Association

Foothills Major Baseball Association

Logo Redesign

My mentor is the president of the FMBA and he requested that I redesign their logo and work on a new website for them.

This was a relatively difficult task for me since I have little interest or experience with anything related to sports.

Logos that I designed for A1 Cement Contractractors

Mortgage Mitch

Logo and Business Card Design

Mitch Chicoine is the third of my clients that I worked with at LessThan3, and he wanted a total rebranding of everything as well as a website. The logos and business cards I designed are what I am showing here.

This project proved to be a bit more of a challenge than I expected because I had to follow a fairly comprehensive guide to how a mortgage broker is and isn't allowed to represent themself in advertising and web design. Because of that it was an excellent learning experience and I got some great work to show for it.

Web Design

A static mockup I put together for 'Mortgage' Mitch Chicoine

Mortgage Mitch

Website Redesign

The bulk of the work with redesigning Mitch's website was getting all of the previous content updated and entered into it. This wasn't so much a challenge as it was time consuming.

The real challenege for this website was learning how to work in a WordPress environment. It was extremely challenging but the further in I got, the easier it was for me to understand. WordPress may not be my CMS of choice, but it was a fantastic learning experience for me.

A static mockup I put together for A-1 Cement Contractors

A-1 Cement Contractors

Website Redesign

A-1 wanted something modern for their website, so I pitched them a few static web mockups and they chose this one. The idea of it will be a portfolio style website where showcasing their work is at the forefront.

I decided that delving into an AJAX build would make it have a modern feel as well, since it would be loading up content dynamically and displaying it on the page as it's needed. This isn't a finished website yet and I am still working on it, but it will also be built in a WordPress environment.

Abacus Financial Accounting

Website Redesign

This was a website redesign I did for Abacus Financial Accounting, a small accounting office in Athabasca, AB. This was meant as just a prototype and not quite a finished product, because I was lacking the skills necessary to finalize everything.

As I am still awaiting feedback on this I doubt I will be able to move forward on this any time soon. However I learned a lot about while working on this about taking liberties with things when the client doesn't exactly communicate with you for one reason or another.

About Me

Profile picture of me.

My name is Matt Jensen and I am a front-end web developer. My specialties include having an eye for design, attention to detail as well as doing things as efficiently as I possibly can.

I am Adobe certified in four of the CC 2014 programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Premiere.

That's my work life, but you may be wondering what I do for entertainment. In my free time if I am not busy playing video games or getting caught in the Netflix/YouTube trap, I am probably doing something creative. Working on music and planning the video game I intend to make are the two most common creative tasks I do with my time.

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