Hello I'm Matt. A designer, developer, and all around nerd.


I am a certified professional in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and Illustrator CC 2015. Although my design skills are geared to websites and branding, I am just as skilled at designing for print. Anything from business cards to posters.


I am proficient with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and the MVC .NET framework. in addition to the basics I also have a good knowledge of wordpress development, understand version control systems like Git and SVN, as well as a good understanding of the agile development business model.

UX Architect

User experience is the most important aspect of digital media. That mindset of putting the user first is something I have focused on from the get-go. It encompasses every aspect of interacting with something, which is why it should always be at the forefront of everything digital.

Mortgage Mitch


Mortgage Mitch wanted an update to his old website. As my first professional website project, I was eager to do a good job and I am pleased with how everything turned out.

I learned a lot during this project including:

  • PHP development.
  • Working with Wordpress.
  • Making changes to someone else's code.

The takeaway from this project was a strong desire to focus on time management and better attention to detail as towards the end there was a lot of small things I had to touch up and small issues I needed to address.

Business Cards

Mitch also wanted business cards to go along with his website and branding. This was a good learning experience for several reasons.

  • Lots of legalese to read
  • Vistaprint requires images, not PDF formats
  • First experience with the client feedback process

Overall the takeaway from business cards was to have everything specced out ahead of time so that there were no extra steps required toward the end of the process.

Pokemon in YYC

Pokemon Calgary Community

Calgary Pokemon League approached me about a new logo for some cards and posters they needed for their next event. As a non-profit group I agreed to do it as a volunteer opportunity.

It was a good chance for me to support something that is in line with my own interests, being a Pokemon nerd myself. It was a a fun and exciting opportunity for some practice with graphic design and I really got a lot more room to be creative than I might have for a business client.

University of Calgary Pokemon Club

The president of Pokemon Calgary approached me about a logo for her pokemon club at the UofC since I did such a good job. When we talked about their budget since it was an official club at the University, I decided it would be another fun opportunity and suggested they keep their budget for printing and promotion.

I had just as much fun with this pokemon logo as I did the first one I did. The final result in my opinion turned out a lot better as well. I look forward to seeing the finished product and what they ended up doing with the logo. If time wasn't such an issue at the time I would have offered a promotional poster as well.

Web Design


The Foothills Major Baseball Association needed a new website. Their requirements were not only something that looks more modern, but also functional for their league so that everyone could view the league and see all of the scheduled games as well as have the results easy to track.

It was a challenge, but for the functionality I was able to use the Sportspress plugin for WordPress and it seems to have suited their needs well enough.

LessThan3 Redesign

The startup company I was working for tasked with me with a redesign of their website starting with the front page and eventually adding on the blog. I implemented all of the JavaScript on the main page, including a transition/animation plugin I wrote using JQuery's ability to determine whether an object in in view or not.

I also rebranded with a new logo and social media assets as well to make it a complete package.

About Me

Profile picture of me.

My name is Matt Jensen and I am a front-end web developer. I specialize in design and user experince specifically, but have a really good working knowledge of a good handful of coding languages. With the help of my friend Google, there is no task I can't accomplish with a little bit of effort.

I am Adobe certified in four of the CC 2014 programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Premiere.

In my free time if I am not busy playing video games or getting caught in the Netflix/YouTube trap, I am probably doing something creative. Working on music and planning the video game I intend to make are the two most common creative tasks I do with my time.

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